Thinking for Mobile – 5 Trends for 2017
For many of us, we start our days reaching for the mobile phone to turn off the alarm feature, read a notification about Trump’s latest tweet or check the weather or email. Mobile has now become a “hub,” enabling overall connectivity for consumers and opening doors to the internet-of-things, mobile payments, virtual reality and beyond. By […]
3 Easy Steps to Get Your Content Marketing Moving

Our last post explored ways to boost social engagement. Now, it’s time to put those tips to work and begin some basic planning of an integrated content marketing strategy. Research shows that “content marketing costs 62 percent less than traditional marketing and generates about three times as many leads.” Content marketing is defined as a program that centers […]
5 Proven Winners to Supercharge Your Facebook Engagement

For regional and national businesses, Social Media provides an unparalleled opportunity to target audiences, drive traffic to events, showcase newsworthy content, promote sales, generate leads and educate your community about the services and value you provide. Capitalizing on all this opportunity, however, in the ever changing Social world has proven challenging for many businesses due […]