Engaging Donor Base

Engage your audience. Empower your organization.

As an agency focused on social good, we help clients everyday develop strategies to inspire action, nurture fundraising efforts, deepen engagement and foster education. Through the power of targeted digital platforms we are able to build relationships and connect communities like never before. For our clients, this combination of content and channel has proven both successful, as well as cost effective.

Due to our increased exposure to content, competition for attention and calls to action. Engaging donors and raising the necessary funds for mission-driven organizations is more challenging than ever before. With so many important causes out there and such little time, many organizations are challenged to meet their goals.

The good news is that relationships with donors can begin at any time. From personal interactions to digital strategies, every message from your organization is an important opportunity to educate your community as to why your organization exists, the various needs it serves and problems it solves.

To help take some of the guesswork out of the marketing equation and boost your engagement efforts, we’ve compiled a list of ways to help ensure increased donor support.

1. Get personal

In today’s hectic, often impersonal, digital 24 hour cycle, nothing can make an impact like taking the time to call a donor to ask for support or write a thank you note for a donation no matter the size. Simply stating how the organization benefited from a gift and how impactful another donation can be will help your most important donors feel appreciated and needed.

2. Use all your platforms

Receiving a personalized note can create a significant spark in donor engagement and retention, in addition to using social media to effectively share content which helps educate your audience regarding your value and impact. Identify areas which serve as your core values by using Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to demonstrate your expertise and commitment to making a difference in the communities you serve.

3. Stay Consistent

From personalized emails and handwritten notes to social media posts, be sure you stay consistent with your message and frequency. Develop a schedule and stay on track to cultivate those valuable relationships and remain top of mind. Failing to send acknowledgements or falling behind on follow-ups can have a negative impact of your organization’s reputation and perception. Your donors expect to hear from you, so stay consistent. Similarly, avoid contacting your donors too frequently as you may run the risk of alienating them. 

4. Share stories

Everyone loves a good story and they are remembered more often than facts alone. One of the best ways to encourage a response from donors is to connect by making them feel emotionally attached and responsible for positive outcomes. Donors are more likely to make sacrifices for causes they believe in, so be sure to share how far your organization has come thanks to their generous donations. 

5. Utilize smart technology

There’s no doubt that technology is changing the way we live, but it is also significantly changing the way we give. By implementing online donation software, tracking email data, as well as click-through rates, and engaging on social media platforms, you can take control of your organization’s future by amplifying all the good work that you do!