From the day we opened our doors, our mission has been to keep clients ahead of the competition in a fast-paced, ever-changing business landscape by helping them realize better futures with measurable results. 75 years later, HarrisonRand is proud to partner with large and small businesses, marrying state-of-the-art strategy with singular style. Our expertise lies in our unique ability to lead clients through the complex process of targeting and engaging audiences with the perfect blend of branding and content. Whether it's marketing the hottest city in the state or helping a local not-for-profit grow its mission, HarrisonRand provides the know-how necessary to succeed.


Harold L. Harrison, “HLH,” starts Harrison Advertising from the back of the family grocery store in West New York, signing Duffy’s Rug Cleaning in Hoboken as his first client. The agency roster soon grows with the acquisition of the Provident Bank in 1954, which thrives under his stewardship for more than 50 years.


With a sharp eye for the industry’s future, HLH pioneers transit advertising in New Jersey. In 1972, he is joined by his daughter, Daryl Rand, who helps build and manage the State’s nascent transit advertising franchise, known as New Jersey Transit, while serving as a trusted advisor for Outfront Media and its predecessors.


In 1986, the New Jersey Ad Club honors HLH by inducting him into the Hall of Fame. In 2008, Daryl follows suit, making them the only intergenerational recipients. Daryl continues to strengthen her father’s legacy both inside and outside of the business world, evidenced by her ongoing commitment to community development.


Daryl’s sons, both agency veterans, Jason and David join the agency in 2009 and launch as HarrisonRand. Their vision: to bring a next-gen approach to the very tradition that made HLH’s organization so successful. The roster grows quickly with the acquisition of Jersey City, NJCU and Choose New Jersey.
While developers were busy building residential and retail spaces throughout the City, we got busy building its brand from the ground up.

Over 20 agencies competed in an open RFP to brand Jersey City. As the winning agency, we were tasked by the Jersey City Economic Development Corporation to help tell the story of a legendary city on the rise by utilizing strategies which married creative ingenuity with state-of-the-art strategy to deliver tangible results. As a great place to live, work and play, the City required an approach which would capture all of its complexity and opportunity in a simple, authentic and compelling value proposition.

“Jersey City – Make it Yours”

The “Make it Yours” campaign has garnered significant media interest and, to date, has delivered over 211 million impressions as a result of a highly targeted, integrated multi-channel strategy. It has been successful in repositioning Jersey City in the minds of our millennial target audience. Post-exposure research showed double-digit growth in the perception of the City’s arts, culture, housing, retail, dining, and appeal to singles.
Targeting, engaging and growing a community with a higher degree of precision.

New Jersey City University brought us on as strategic partners in 2011 to facilitate their rebranding initiative and help showcase their mission in the noisy and populated market of higher education.

Social Media Strategy became the cornerstone of our strategic initiative to connect NJCU’s inclusive academic experience with prospects. From video to targeted campaigns, we focused our efforts to build the University’s community and engage its audiences with fresh content in exciting ways. We further capitalized on our social efforts with digital media to bolster brand awareness and catalyze brand engagement.


Since we first began our social development efforts in October 2011, the University’s social networks have experienced unprecedented growth. As of June 2015, NJCU’s University and Alumni Facebook pages have grown 1,743% and 1,081%, respectively.

NJCU’s robust social presence has established a strong foundation for prospective student conversion, augmented awareness of its cultural contributions and facilitated greater attendance at sponsored events.

It’s CNJ’s job to be a voice for New Jersey’s business community all around the globe. It’s our job to make sure that voice is heard.

Choose New Jersey—an economic development organization charged with showcasing New Jersey as a destination for businesses around the globe—first turned to us in the wake of Hurricane Sandy. The resulting, award-winning “State of Resilience” campaign proved to be a crucial turning point for the brand, its message and mission.

Now, as CNJ’s agency of record, we continue to support them in their various economic development missions, which are as diverse as the industries they market to.


Since the significant success of the “State of Resilience” initiative - success which was evidenced by a 75% increase in web traffic (58% of that number comprised of new visits), and a partnership which resulted in $2.67 million in donated media - we’ve gone on to partner with CNJ on other challenging and exciting such as BIO 2013, which resulted in a 412% increase in engagement.

BIO 2015 promises to be yet another milestone for the organization.

Mobilizing a community around those who serve it.

The 200 Club is a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting police, fire and EMS personnel and their families throughout Bergen County. The organization turned to us after witnessing a steady erosion of their membership base and name recognition, particularly among younger audiences.

After a thorough intake process and competitive analysis, we repositioned the 200 Club as a community advocate with a distinct voice and vital mission. We paved the way for a complete overhaul aimed at modernizing the brand and streamlining operations. We launched a fresh new website along with a strong social strategy while generating high-quality assets, expanding and engaging its digital audiences, and providing strategic counsel and event support.


The rebranding effort has been met with great success. The 200 Club’s new aesthetic, improved digital presence and implementation of targeted strategies have bolstered brand awareness, secured membership, heightened engagement and increased event attendance. The organization is well positioned for strong and sustainable growth.

The Club’s social and digital strategies have already seen a significant ROI. To date, the Club’s Facebook page has accounted for more than 15% of total website traffic and its audience has grown by 385%. Our strategic targeting has granted the Club access to a younger demographic; as of April 2016, 18% of their audience consisted of users aged 18-34.

Bringing next level luxury to market in Jersey City.

Shuster Development, one of the most innovative real estate development organizations in the state, sought us out after our successful Jersey City – Make It Yours campaign.

The company relied on our wealth of experience in the local landscape to distinguish its brands and gain valuable leads.

We crafted distinctive market positions for both The Oakman and Hamilton House, established iconic brand identities, provided informed strategic counsel, and aided in public relations efforts, all with the know-how necessary to make projects pop in Jersey City.


Our efforts to date have garnered Shuster Development a significant market share. Bold branding and striking campaigns through Out-Of-Home, print and digital media continue to generate valuable leads.

President & CEO

Throughout her 40-plus year career, Daryl Rand has distinguished herself locally and globally through ongoing leadership in the marketing, advertising and public relations industries. During the three decades she served as a consultant to Outfront Media (formerly CBS Outdoor), Daryl helped negotiate the transit advertising franchise and subsequent extensions with New Jersey Transit. She has played an influential role in Hudson County’s substantial development through her expert guidance of both business and not-for-profit clients in the region, which have achieved measurable growth and success under her leadership.

In 2008, NJBIZ named Rand one of New Jersey’s Best 50 Women in Business. Later that year, she was inducted into the Advertising Hall of Fame of New Jersey sponsored by the NJ Ad Club. She is Chairman of the Board of the Hudson County Chamber of Commerce, having assumed the stewardship as its first woman Chair in its 125-plus year history. In 2009, the Chamber honored her as a “Legend,” and she continues to serve the organization as a member of the Board of Directors.

Partner & Creative Director

Jason Rand is a seasoned industry expert that brings a uniquely creative and strategic approach to every project. He oversees HarrisonRand’s creative teams with a keen aesthetic eye and mind for ROI that deliver engaging cross-platform experiences and award-winning work.

Jason has extensive experience working with some of the world’s most iconic brands, including VH1, Vogue, Starwood, Abercrombie & Fitch, and Ouidad. His work has been recognized by a number of professional organizations, including the New Jersey and New York Art Director’s Club. At the latter, he was the recipient of the nationally recognized Young Guns Award. Jason also served as a part-time instructor at the School of Visual Arts.

Partner & Media Director

David Rand has over 15 years of national and regional media account management experience. He has a deep understanding of large and complex media plans. David’s long-standing industry relationships secure the best pricing and significant over-delivery for all campaigns.

David has honed his professional skill set at distinguished, multi-national companies, such as Outfront Media (formerly CBS Outdoor), Premier Retail Networks (now Izon Media) and The Wall Street Journal. He has managed local, regional and national Out-Of-Home campaigns and experiential events for iconic brands, including China Tourism, CBS Radio, the World Trade Center redevelopment and Six Flags Entertainment Corporation. David also serves on the Board of Directors of the Fort Lee Regional Chamber of Commerce.


Since 2009, we’re honored to have been presented with over 150 awards for a variety of high-profile clients and projects. We’ve been recognized by distinguished organizations such as the International Advertising Association, the Hermes Creative Awards, the Rothman Institute of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, the New York Art Director’s Club, the Art Director’s Club of New Jersey and the New Jersey Ad Club. Most recently, at the 2016 Jersey Awards, we were recognized as New Jersey’s top award-winning agency, receiving 6 First Place, 8 Second Place and 11 Third Place awards in 18 categories, making HarrisonRand the most recognized agency in the competition for the second year in a row.